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Philippians Series - B1GSouth Singles Ministry


Anxieties plague singles. Work, love, work, family, work, the future, work. We cope differently to different stresses. On one extreme, there are those who strain themselves to control their worries as much as they can. On the other extreme, there are those who procrastinate, become indifferent, or cynical. Sad to say, even single Christians can get dragged down by anxieties. This is wrong. Christians ought to be characterized by joy, even in outrageous worldly circumstances; and if singles don’t get this right as a single, how much more when they have other lives depending on them in a marriage and family?

The book of Philippians reveals the dimensions of the joy of the Apostle Paul while shackled in prison, and in studying its first few verses alone this series aims to help singles identify what may be shackling them from true joy, and experience divine joy for themselves, that they might go out into the world and glorify God with their joy, and outrage those who lack it that they might in any way draw them into the kingdom of God.

Unlijoy, is a book study on Philippians and is a  15-message series:

  • Message #1 – Joy is a Choice
  • Message #2 – The Joy of Recollection, Intercession and Participation
  • Message #3 – The Joy of Assurance and Anticipation
  • Message #4 – Unshackled Joy, unshackles Others
  • Message #5 – Unity With Christ
  • Message #6 – Unity in the Gospel
  • Message #7 – Unity in Mind
  • Message #8 – Unity in Rejoicing
  • Message #9 – Be an Ambassador of Christ
  • Message #10 – Surrender Religion, Secure Relationship
  • Message #11 – Characteristics of Christian Maturity
  • Message #12 – Standing Firm
  • Message #13 – The Joy of Christian Benevolence
  • Message #14 – Give Joyfully
  • Message #15 – Saints in Jesus Christ