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Through His Lens Series - B1GSouth Singles Ministry

Through His Lens

Jesus Christ embraced the Scriptures and embraced the role for which the Father sent Him. He held fast to these knowing they were good and would produce good fruit. Similarly, in Romans 9:12 God’s word tells us to hold fast to what is good. But what is good? God’s word is the ultimate guide and Jesus Christ is our supreme example. As we focus on His Word and look to Christ, we will see that a lot of the popular attitudes and philosophies adopted by singles today may in fact be doing more harm than good. There are so many competing values, philosophies, and mottos that have been taken for granted. Men are being told not to cry. Women are being told to be like men. Embracing the wrong values can create a chain reaction that could deprive us of many significant and even priceless benefits in our careers and relationships. So there is a great need for all of us to check our hearts and understand the values we hold dear. We must begin to release these wrong values and follow Jesus to openly accept godly ones.

Every week this series aims to take a look at thought patterns and attitudes that if we truly, fully embrace, can help us flourish in our relationship towards God and towards others. Every week, this series aims to lead singles to let go of worldly thought patterns and embrace key principles/attitudes that can transform our relationship with Jesus Christ and with others.

  • Message #1 – Letting Go of Bitterness
  • Message #2 – Letting Go of Defensiveness
  • Message #3 – Hope in God
  • Message #4 – Embracing Suffering
  • Message #5 – Embracing Exclusivity
  • Message #6 – Embracing Responsibility