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Love, Sex and Dating Series - B1GSouth Singles Ministry

The New Rules of Love, Sex & Dating

The “New Rules”  is not a list of rules to remember to improve your love life. It’s not, “Paano ka magiging crush ng crush mo” and honestly, it is not something new. But the influence of the world has never stopped in deceiving men and women on what Love, Sex and Dating is. The world is saying go on with a date without even the thought of Marriage – “Puwede ng pangshort-time.” Do you love him or her? Then do it. What is important is that it feels good and you love each other. Sex has lost its sacredness It’s ok. Everyone is doing it. Don’t be “kill joy. And at times, the world is pressuring us to get married now! The pressure of our culture has somehow dictated that if you are not married and not in a relationship with someone – there is something wrong with you!

Once you have been blinded by media and culture, all the truth that you will hear in this series might be “new” to you. But we’re taking a stand! God has perfectly designed love, sex and singleness. It’s all here in the His word

This is series discussing God’s design. God design is the only way to go. He knows what is best.

Note: This is a series from Northpoint Community Church which is the church Pastored by Andy Stanley. Message 2 – 5 is from Andy Stanley’s material.