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Where do you see yourself after five years? …after 10 years? Life is not stagnant. It is always moving and always changing. Even if one remains still, you will feel the impact of the changing seasons and moving tides. Heraclitus of Greece (475 B.C.) was famous in saying, “No man ever steps in the same river twice.” Others further add that “The man who stepped in the river before is no longer the same man who will step it again.”

Life, our lives, and the world will go on whether one desires it or not. So our lives are definitely heading somewhere. Are you sure the destination you want to go is the best for you? And are you sure the direction you are heading will bring you there?

From the many voices that call or give advice, it is difficult to determine who to believe. Let the Author of life guide you in your journey. He has designed us for the greatest purpose and He even plans to lead us there.

  • Message #1 – Life On The Highway
  • Message #2 – Upward Turn (Who Does God Say I Am?)
  • Message #3 – Crossroads