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Rainier Mendiola | B1G South Singles Ministry

Rainier Mendiola


I was raised from a catholic family. I studied elementary in a catholic school and transferred to a Christian school in high school.  For me it is all the same.  Both catholic and born again Christians worship the same God and believe in Jesus Christ as son of God, who came to this world to die for our sins.  On my 3rd year in high school, my brother became a Christian and shared the gospel to me.  Since I already know what he is saying, there is this pride in me to no longer listen to him.  After that, we prayed and accepted Jesus and guess what?  There is no impact in my life.  I still continued on some worldly desires such as lying, cheating, telling green jokes, watching pornography and more.  The image I had for my family and friends is that I am a good person and I’m just maintaining that image as long as I am not hurting anybody.  When I was in college, I was invited by a crush to a cell group.  I pretended that I didn’t know what they do in a cell group and then of course, I joined them because she is my crush and so I can have more time with her.  I also joined them once a week to a youth fellowship in Manila.  It feels awkward because in the first place, I didn’t join them to know more about Christ. Every time they share the gospel to me, it feels funny because for me, they are teaching me the things that I already know. Obviously, I was there for the wrong reason. After just a few months, time came that I stopped joining the fellowship for some reasons. I focused on my studies for few years and finished all the requirements to graduate college. I had a job and a girlfriend. We had a worldly relationship. We usually fight because of some small reasons or a simple misunderstanding. It usually ends in a breakup but will be together again after few hours. There is this one time that we broke up for few weeks and this is the time that I asked for assistance from my previous crush to accompany me in attending the Christian fellowship once again. This time, to find comfort from God and guide me on my decisions. After more than 3 years in a relationship with my girlfriend, I finally prayed to God and asked Him to give me what is best for me. I put my trust in Him. This eventually led us to decide to end our relationship. I started to become more dependent on God on finding the right person for me but I still lived a worldly life. After many months, I had another relationship. This time, a Christian. Because of this, I became more exposed to the words of God. But we lasted only for 2 months for some reason. This time, I said to myself, I will never court again and I will just wait for the right person. By this time, the gospel still have no big impact in my life. But after more than a year, this led me to know God more with the help of my Christian friend who became my best friend. She sends me bible verses and led me to read the bible. I do not read a lot but this time I started to read the book of Matthew. Amazingly, God opened my eyes and made me realize that there are a lot of things that I still do not know and I knew those things just by reading the bible. This gave me the will to finish the book of Matthew, then Mark, Luke and John. Then I remembered what my brother kept on telling for many years me to go to CCF. Time came that I attended the Sunday services all by myself and the B1G South Singles Ministry every Saturday. I also started attending the Biblical Foundation 1 class of GLC 1. I registered to the True Life singles retreat and publicly declared my faith in Jesus Christ through baptism. I fully surrendered to Jesus Christ and truly accepted Him in my heart and let Him control my life. I now fully understand God’s love for us that He gave His only begotten son to give us eternal life as stated in John 3:16. Now I understand what salvation means and how important it is in our lives not just here on Earth but on the assurance that we will live with our Lord in Heaven forever. I realized that I will not be saved by doing good works. As stated in Ephesians 2:8-9, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.” I am doing my best now to not to conform to the patterns of this world but having a transformed mind to follow His commandments and be more like Him. I joined a discipleship group and continue to grow spiritually. I started sharing what I learned to my friends and relatives so that they also may fully understand the gospel. I realized it is not that easy just as how hard it is for me before to fully understand the gospel. But I thank God that He made me patient enough to wait for their perfect timing. I just have to continue sharing the gospel to them and encourage them to read the bible. I now serve in the B1G South Marketing Ministry as a photographer, videographer and one of the video editors. This just used to be my hobby and now I’m doing it for the glory of God. I now fully depend on God, asking Him for guidance in every situation and fully trust Him whatever challenges I face today. For I know that whatever is happening in my life is God’s plan and it is for my future. As stated in Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”. For God knows the desires of our hearts, He is also faithful to His promises. God blessed me by making my best friend my girlfriend and got engaged after almost 10 months. We are not perfect. There are still little fights and misunderstandings but one thing for sure, we are immediately convicted by the Holy Spirit. As we continue to grow spiritually, we became more dependent on God. He answers our prayers in a more unexpected ways. He can make the impossible possible. This also leads to us sharing the blessings that we had from God to bless other people. Now we are living our lives to transform the lives of other people and lead them to Christ. I am no longer living for myself but for Jesus Christ who lives in me and I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. I, Rainier Mendiola, a man with pride about the gospel, has finally surrendered my life and got saved by grace through faith in my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. To God be all the glory!