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Loved to Love Series - B1GSouth Singles Ministry

Loved to Love

We singles attend a Christian fellowship founded on the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), but how intentionally and consistently do we live out a lifestyle of sharing what God has blessed us with? Weekly, we see an average of around 2-5 guests during Saturday Singles Connect, out of an attending assembly of 80-100 people professing to be followers of Jesus. Is the number of guests low because those whom we are reaching out to are just unable to join on Saturdays? Or is this number low because we just aren’t reaching out enough? Because we aren’t living and teaching in such a way that would draw more singles to God?

One recent US survey said that only 41% of Christians in the US participate in any form of evangelism, and this number is declining. What would this statistic be like in the B1G South? What is stopping us from being more compassionate for others and more radical for the truth of the gospel of Christ?

  • Message #1 – Heart of Compassion
  • Message #2 – The Compassion of Good Works
  • Message #3 – The Passion in Compassion
  • Message #4 – The Com – in Compassion
  • Message #5 -Moved with Compassion
  • Message #6 – Three Mindset for Movers