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1 John Series - B1GSouth Singles Ministry


The First Letter (epistle) of John is tender, reassuring, affectionate, and practical. Though filled with theological content, it is like an epistle written by a pastor to his congregation. In days past, letters were the pathways of communication – documents that often recorded history or described scenes or situations so graphically that they spoke clearly to coming generations. First John, written to people of the early church, is such a letter. Now a part of our Holy Scriptures, it continues to be relevant For centuries it has been classified as a general epistle because it is not addressed to one specific person or church and because the message is applicable to all believers.

  • Message #1 – Introduction to 1 John
  • Message #2 – The Word Among Us
  • Message #3 – Walking in the Light
  • Message #4 – Grow in the Lord in Love and Obedience
  • Message #5 – Resemble the Father, Abide in Christ
  • Message #6 – Truth and Error
  • Message #7 – Faith and its Certainties