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Johann Enriquez | B1G South Singles Ministry

Johann Enriquez


I was born to a Christian family, with Christian parents. I claimed and professed to have believed and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was 6 years old as my Sunday school teacher in church shared the Gospel with me. I lived my childhood and teenage life obeying my parents, excelling in school, attending church regularly on Sundays, being involved in the music ministry until I finished college. All those years I believed in myself to be a real and faithful “Christian”, but everything slowly changed as I stepped out and faced the “real life” in this “real world”. I got exposed to so many worldly experiences and to things that this world has to offer. I began to make plans and decisions thinking that my life was my own. I became very impulsive and careless with my decisions. More often than not, I would not heed my parents’ advice and disobey them to the point that I became very rebellious cause I believed that I was at the right age to make my own decisions. I got myself involved in sexually immoral acts and illicit relationships with women, thinking that it’s normal for guys to do such things. I also got myself deeply hooked into drinking sprees, parties and so many activities that revolved around alcoholism and sex. I had become very proud and thought highly about myself since I knew how well my career in showbusiness was rising plus having a bright future in the corporate world at the same time. I thought I had everything until problems and trials came one after the other that caused tons of heartaches, pain, disappointments, broken relationships, and more. I can say that I have hit the rock bottom of my life because of my choices and decisions that had I continued doing so, I’d eventually lead to self-destruction. But I praise and thank God because He made me realize that He allowed all of these things to happen for a special purpose. He wanted me to fully trust Him and have a genuine relationship with Him. He wanted me to know that He’s everything that I would ever need and that my sole purpose of existence is to live my life for Him alone. He loves and cares for me so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for my sins so that I now become righteous at His sight and I’ll be spending eternity with Him in heaven one day. Everything in this world is temporary, even our lives here on earth is temporary, but Jesus Christ is eternal and that’s why my hope and trust are found in Him. Last September 9, 2014, I believe I have made the biggest and the most important decision I would have ever made. I have completely surrendered my life to Him and genuinely accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. God has given me a brand new heart and perspective that are geared towards submitting to His will in every breath I take, every move I make and every step I take in my life. I now live my life for Jesus Christ, my Lord and my God. I acknowledge that I will always struggle and fail Him, but He is faithful to complete what He has begun in me until I see Him one day in all His glory.