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Carmelito Francisco | B1G South Singles Ministry

Carmelito Francisco


Good evening. Since 1995, God has been faithful not only in answering my prayers but also in purifying the desires of my heart. Perhaps some of us are not faithful in our prayer life. We tend to skip every now and then because of busy schedules and the worldly cares we are so preoccupied with. As for me, I didn’t have a scheduled prayer time before. I was used to impromptu prayer. Whenever I encountered challenges in my life or was confronted with things that I needed to pray about, immediately I would pray while walking or stop by a certain place and pray. Praying does not always have to be formal. But it should lead us to depend on god and get intimate with Him too. It could be just like talking to a friend. Free-flowing and personal. But be careful or else others might think that you are crazy (whenever you pray in public not noticing that your mouth is opening). Every December 25, I go to UPLB campus to trek while talking to God. When I get tired, I stop, sit and read my bible. I love going to quiet places for my reflection. Praying may seem boring to some but enjoyable to others. My usual way of praying is more of a routine and I want to see myself growing one day at a time to my full prayer potential. Among the prayers which I brought before God’s throne and have been answered lie in the following areas: 1. Salvation, since in Elementary, I told God that I would like to go to heaven. 2. Scholarship, when I do not have a chance to study in college, I prayed for a scholarship to finish my course. 3. CCF, I have been praying for a church that would cater for my spiritual needs. 4. Working environment, since I was so impulsive and aggressive sometimes I was misunderstood and now as I learned how to deal with it through biblical principles, I learned how to manage myself in times of responding. 5. Relationship with my mom, before I was so bitter about my past that I was considered as the black sheep in the family and I blamed my mom but now God given me the freedom and start to mend the relationship that I had with my mom. 6. Elevate, where I could channel my students to know God and to learn how to live a godly life. 7. Tacloban, when I went there to give school supplies from the organization where I am with and led them to Christ by sharing the gospel.

Right now I pray in the morning and intend to do it at 5 am while and after running. Hopefully by God’s grace, He will allow me to experience His power by praying for others more and more. Right now, through others’ prayers and by God’s grace, I am growing little by little in my spiritual life. I am Carmelito “Lito” Francisco, a sinner that once lost but saved and found by our Savior Jesus Christ. To God be the glory.