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Marcellus Jaojoco | B1G South Singles Ministry

Marcellus Jaojoco

Hello, I’m Marcellus C. Jaojoco, also known as “Oyu”. I grew up in a broken home. My father was a drunkard. His arguments with my mother led to physical fights. Eventually, they both separated, with all the children living with our mother. At a young age, there was this need of love in me that needed to be filled. That became my pursuit throughout my life. During my elementary years, it manifested in computer games. In high school it through was gambling, pornography, drinking, & smoking. In college, it was premarital sex. At the young age of 18 I had a child. I thought doing all these things would give me happiness, but I still felt the void in me.

Because of this, our parents decided that we would not stay together but pursue our studies instead. So I tried fixing my life so I could graduate fast and land a job so I can fulfill the responsibilities I have to my child. For 3 years I barely saw and provided for them. After I got my degree and a job as a software engineer, I wanted to be reconciled with them, and fulfill my role as a father to my child. But I was overwhelmed with fear. Instead, I ended up abandoning them.

Bad turned to worse when my father passed away from a heart attack. Due to the deep depression I was experiencing due to the death of my dad and my fear of seeing my child, I tried to end my life through crashing a motorbike I was riding. But when I suddenly realized I was travelling so fast, I slowed down and stopped my suicide attempt.

Because it did not succeed, I saw that as God intervening in my life. I realized that He loved me so much to the point of keeping me alive. So I asked for His forgiveness and finally found the peace I was looking for. The void in me was filled with His love, for I am assured of my salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Afterwards, I asked forgiveness from my ex-girlfriend and her parents. She eventually moved on and had her own family. I experienced God’s grace here, because I was given permission to see my daughter regularly and provide for her. Eventually, I moved from my old church to CCF Alabang in late 2009. Because of God’s grace as well, I immediately quit all my vices, started reading my Bible, attending Bible studies, and joined a DGroup. In October of 2010, I publicly acknowledged Jesus as my LORD and Savior in a baptism ceremony conducted by CCF.

When the singles’ ministry was relaunched in 2012, I started as an attendee. But as the ministry grew, so did the need for volunteers. As I contemplated on God’s faithfulness in my life, I desired to serve God in a ministry. I found it best to exercise faith through prayer, so I joined the prayer ministry. And for 2 years or so, it helped me grow a lot in matters of faith.

Then in one afternoon in 2015, after serving in the prayer ministry, I was invited by Mardy for a general assembly of the offsite ministry. I saw the need and potential to serve others by sharing God’s Word through sports. Prayerful, I moved to the offsite ministry, bringing with me the faithfulness and prayerfulness I developed. I was assigned the role of basketball coordinator. I organized basketball games every Thursday nights at Alabang Hills’court and facilitatied center-court Bible studies. When it was off-season, I got involved in a joint DGroup outreach. We ministered to grade school kids on Saturdays, teaching all of them English, and Jesus Christ. All of the kids improved not just in skill, but also in character. Some of them were recognized in their school for their improvement.

Looking back, I realize I’m blessed as I obeyed God’s call. Whichever ministry I got involved with was His ministry, not mine. Aside from the activities I mentioned, today, I minister to my family on Sundays, disciple a handful of men on Saturdays, and see opportunities to organize a get-together on Thursdays. My objective is to usher people towards Him. I envision living this life not for myself, but for Him Who gave me His all. I focus every day on my relationship with Jesus, pass it on to my family and those within my reach.

I am thankful to God for B1G South, my disciplers, and my leaders for helping me become more Christlike. Please pray with me as I live this life for His purpose and glory alone. This is Jesus’ story in my life. Again, I’m Oyu. As Romans 13:8 says, “Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.”