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Precious Concepcion | B1G South Singles Ministry

Precious Concepcion

I remember Jesus being preached to me when I was 12. From my perspective, He was merely a man who died and sends my messages to the Father. I thought I knew who He really was; after all, I was in a religion that bore His name. You see, I was from a different faith knowing that to be saved, I’d have to be a member and do good works. I actually lived for a time calling myself a Christian not really didn’t know what it means.

I first encountered a Christian community when I was in high school. I can barely recall, but I really thought they were weird people: singing, raising their hands, jumping and I’m pretty sure they were calling on the name of Jesus. I was used to a very conservative way of worshipping God, so an ecstatic crowd was really, really strange.

The next time I encountered a Christian community was when I was in college. I was invited by my high school friends. I spoke and laugh with them but remained aloof with what they believed in.

I was 24 when I started getting to know more about Christ: what He did, who He was, what He is and how He was God in human form. What I learned was very much different from what I learned growing up. Because of that. I was kicked out of the house.

It was December 2014 when I first attended a B1G South service. It was a Christmas party. I didn’t know it was a party, but was glad it was because there was food! I encountered genuine warmness from people despite the cold weather.

I had a my first breakout that night. Although I didn’t know anyone, I really didn’t feel like a stranger. What I like about breakouts are the introductions. You get to tell and hear different stuff like something about the food you can eat for 5 years, who you want to be with if you’re stuck in a whale’s belly, and other icebreakers. But of course, most important of all is that our fellowship focuses on Who God is and how we can continue intimacy with Him through obedience in our lives.

Joining fellowships with the B1G South has influenced me the most in looking at people differently. One of the many things I learned is that I am no better than anyone because I have been saved by grace and grace alone. It has impacted the way I work and speak to my colleagues. My colleagues used to call me a robot because I had no feelings, no reactions to anything, very passive. Early this year they noticed something different with how I talk to them and even said that I already have a heart. I thought this was funny because I always had a heart and then I came to realize that the transformation is happening in my life. Indeed, God gave me a changed heart.
It’s been 2 years since that first refreshing encounter of fellowship. Looking back at the kids I thought were weird, I’m now one of them: singing, raising their hands, jumping and I’m pretty sure they were calling on the name of Jesus. It was that fellowship that I found comfort and belongingness, experienced warm gestures and Christ-centered values.

I am now back home, having finished reading the entire Bible. I still desire intimacy with Him by reading the whole Bible again. I am a member of a DGroup composed of different people. ‘Til now I am still being amazed at how God has put us together. We are each other’s support system, encouragers, rebukers, hiking buddies, and prayer partners.  Despite our flaws, I look forward to the days to meet these people because it’s another day to bond with them and learn how Christ continues to move in our lives. Being involved in a DGroup and joining the B1G South fellowship has been a beautiful outlet for me. Not only that it made me love people more but it also helped me in my walk with God. Starting the journey in what Christ laid before us is a step and it gets better with people who are also in the same path. Come and join fellowships with us and see for yourself. Perhaps one day we can also share each other’s story. To God be all the glory!